Amy Winehouse's Death (July 23, 2011)

News of Amy Winehouse's tragic passing at age 27 sent a wave of sadness through the hearts of music lovers everywhere. The beautiful British singer, who infused retro soul music with a hard hip-hop edge, had battled drug and alochol abuse throughout her brief, brilliant career. She had been in the process of recording her long-awaited third album when she died

Contrary to widespread media speculation that she had overdosed on drugs, a coroner's report revealed that Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning. Thousands of fans gathered to pay their respects  at her funeral on May 26th. Since then, her long-time collaboration Salaam Remi put together a brilliant posthumous album The Lioness: Hidden Treasures. One of the most talented young singers to emerge in recent memory, Amy was taken from us much too soon. Rest in peace.