“Our Day Will Come” (Reggae Version)

Salaam Remi: “Amy always said, ‘Hey we need a reggae song for this album.’ This is a vocal that she did early in her career, but in true Amy form. And when I was playing different songs for her family, everybody was like 'That's it, the reggae one.'

"When we first started working together, I was introducing her to loads of music, cause Amy was still just 18 and she hadn't heard this stuff. So we were vibing on different things. She actually learned this song overnight and spit it back out the next day like she'd known it all her life. And I had forgotten she recorded it. Then later we flipped it as a reggae version. It felt right.

"It all comes down to 'What would Amy do?' This album for me is legacy. It's about people knowing that she had more material, that she is a true artist and a bad-ass musician."