Love And Marriage

Although he was without a doubt a womanizer, Sinatra was married four times. Yet, it was his second marriage to movie star bombshell Ava Gardner that his friends and biographers agree was the love of his life. Already married to his first wife Nancy for 11 years when he met Ava, they soon split and he married Gardner 72-hours after the divorce was final.

However, Ava and Frank fought constantly and often made the national headlines with their violent behavior, broken furniture and gunplay. "He has a temper that bursts into flames, while my temper burns inside for hours," Gardner said.

According to People magazine, after the couple divorced six years later, Sinatra “…suffering from insomnia and depression, drowned himself in liquor and remorse. At his L.A. apartment one night, he walked away from a card game with songwriter Sammy Cahn and others and went into his den, where he tore up a photograph of Gardner and smashed the frame. Then he began trying to put the photo back together. For many years, on sound stages and in dressing rooms, Sinatra kept a picture of Ava taped to his mirror.”