Hating School

Iggy Azalea: “I hated everyone at school. I would come home at lunch and listen to music. That eventually led to me dropping out because I was missing so much school after sneaking home after lunch and never going back.

“I hated school because my town is so small. If you’re going to a public school like me, the way it’s area-coded, there’s only one school everyone in the area can go to. It’s so small so you know the same kids from when you’re five until you graduate. It’s the same motherfuckers and there’s only about 40 of them.

“I used to dress weird in elementary school and I used to get teased. I hated their guts, they hated mine, and that hate continued into high school. [Laughs.]

I used to get my pants pulled down in 5th grade. As soon as I would stand up, someone would pull my pants down.

“I used to get my pants pulled down by them in 5th grade. I used to sit down at lunch the whole time, because as soon as I would stand up, someone would pull my pants down. [Laughs.] I’ll never forget one day the girl was bending over the desk at school, and I thought, ‘Now is the chance. I’m going to pull her pants down. I finally have her where I want her.’

“I pulled her pants down thinking everyone was going to think it was so funny, because when I get my pants pulled down, apparently it’s hilarious. But when I pulled her pants down, nobody laughed! I was like, ‘What the fuck? I’ve been getting my shit pulled down forever. She only got her pants pulled down one time!’

“When I started to really like rap music, nobody else liked that. It wasn’t cool, where I come from. Everyone liked rock, indie, and dance music. It wasn’t cool to like rap, so liking what I liked, I didn’t want to be around them.

“That’s why I came home at lunch, to be with the shit that I liked. I was like, ‘You guys look depressing, and I can’t talk to you about anything, because everything I like, you hate.’ The only classes I would go to at school were art classes and English classes. Everything else I would skip because I just hated it so bad.”