Producer: Meech Wells, Snoop Dogg

Album: Da Game Is To Be Sold Not Told

Label: No Limit/Priority

Best Youtube Comment: “LOL..... :P” - Pzykotikal

Complex says: Late in his career, Snoop made the laid-back ladies-man approach work for him. But not this time. This song may be the first time he tried his hand at the rough-around-the-edges-but-still-a-ladies-man style. What he ended up with was a misguided, awkward faux-love song.

The track is a remake of Jon B.’s whiteboy soul classic “They Don’t Know,” but it lacks the taste and especially the smoothness of the original. Snoop raps as if he’s slightly uncomfortable, leading us to believe that his so-called vulnerable side is really just a case of rapper's remorse. It sounds like he had a moment of clarity in the vocal booth, thinking to himself "Dear Lord I wonder can you save me?" Apparently not.