Producer: Rob Patterson

Album: N/A

Label: N/A

Best Youtube Comment: “‘Anyone who can get through the first 30 seconds of this....god bless you.” - Annonymouspecification

Complex says: When we look back on 2011, we’ll remember it as the year Charlie Sheen proved to the world that one celebrity’s crack bender was not only worthy of national headlines (and a classic Complex soundboard) but also a really bad rap song. When you combine Snoop’s knack for out-the-box collaborations and his notoriously horrible endorsement logic, this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

We’re still looking forward to forgetting that this ever happened. When Charlie Sheen was saying awesomely insane things on TV, he was winning. But when started repeating the phrase incessantly over an inane beat, he was just failing miserably. Gotta give Snoop credit for sorta trying to make the song interesting, but he should've known better.