Producer: Kane Beatz
Album: Passion, Pain & Pleasure
Label: Songbook/Atlantic
Best Line: "If a bitch tries to get cute, I'm going to snuff her/Throw a lot of money at her, then yell, 'Fuck her.'"

Nicki's guest verse on Trigger Trey's “Bottoms Up” is easily one of the best features of 2010, and a huge reason why this smash single peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her rhymes are like a roller-coaster ride: Nicki opens with a perfectly delivered double-time flow before switching it up and slowing down to keep listeners off balance. 

Juggling multiple personalites on one track, Nicki plays the part of a needy fly-girl asking Mr. Steal-Your-Girl for everything from Coke & Henny to a bottle of Rosé to keys to the Benz. But then she switches alter egos and lets the world know that she and her crew ain't nothing to fuck with—only to end it all with yet another beverage request. No wonder Trey says a couple bottles ain't enough.

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