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Legitmix is a new technology that seeks to solve a problem that artists—especially hip-hop artists—have been dealing with for decades. Clearing samples has been a frustrating and complicated matter, but with the rapidly evolving rules and regulations that dictate the battle over copyrighted material, it's more relevant now than ever.

Up until now, artists have had to pay for the rights to use samples. Either that, or they face being sued for big money. Legitmix has taken an interesting approach to making this whole process easier, and producer/rapper El-P is the first to give it a shot. He's made "Rush Over Bklyn," which samples Rush's "Tom Sawyer," and he's selling it legally. Here's how Legitmix works:

When a consumer purchases “Rush Over Bkyln”, the browser-based Legitmix software searches their computer for the “Tom Sawyer” track. If they don’t have it they can purchase it from Legitmix or any online music store. With a few mouse clicks, the Legitmix software recreates on the binary level “Rush Over Bklyn” on the consumer’s computer using their copy of “Tom Sawyer”. The price of “Rush Over Bklyn is $0.70 plus the retail cost of the “Tom Sawyer” track (if the consumer doesn’t have it).

El-P explains why he's getting involved:

"I did this because I think it's an interesting idea and approach to the sample clearance issue. Most importantly I hope this raises awareness and money for my good friend, collaborator and hip hop legend Brad Forste aka DJ MR DIBBS. He is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and (like so many of us) uninsured. He has racked up almost a half a mil in hospital bills after just one month, and he needs help. All proceeds from this song go to him."

Listen: El-P - "Rush Over Bklyn"

Find more info on Legitmix here, and watch a short video on it below.