Kendrick Lamar was the first of the Top Dawg Entertainment crew to belt out his poignant raps, but with Section.80 out of the way, all eyes are on Schoolboy Q. Q gained a few new ears with "Druggys With Hoes Again" and really got heads turning with "There He Go." What does he do now? It's simple; take that momentum and run with it.

"Oxy Music" is pressed with plenty of gun and drug-talk in which Q rhymes, "I got my hustle, dawg, I gets my hustle on / Oxycontin, heroin. Craaazyyy!" over some hypnotic THC production. This new track is presumed to be from his forthcoming project, HABITS & Contradictions, dropping soon.

Stay tuned to Complex for more Schoolboy Q.

Listen: Schoolboy Q "Oxy Music"

Video: Schoolboy Q Talks SXSW Arrest, Gangs, and New Music

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