Throw some benefit concerts

Role Model: Wyclef Jean

What happened? If there’s anything America respects right now, it’s standing up for a cause. From the Troy Davis tragedy to Occupy Wall Street, more and more Americans are spending their time thinking about bigger issues in society, as opposed to the usual frivolous celebrity drama.

Wyclef Jean ranks high among hip-hop’s fearless defenders of social justice. A proud Haitian, the former Fugees star drove hardcore rap fans to tears when he eloquently described the devastation of his homeland following the 2010 earthquake.

Unfortunately, Jean’s Yele Haiti foundation was accused of shoddy book-keeping, including allegations that Clef paid his alleged mistress over $100,000 worth of alleged charity money. Wyclef’s solution? Hold a press conference, deny everything, and then fill up his calendar up with benefit concerts.

Complex says: Since Ray J already has “three new Rolls-Royces” and “a 20,000 square foot crib,” the time seems right for him to hop on the lineup for a benefit concert—or two—this year. If Kanye can show up at Occupy Wall Street draped in Givenchy and gold, we’re assuming Ray J can pretty much show up anywhere.