Role Model: T-Pain

What happened? No matter what anyone says, a true apology takes courage.  Just ask T-Pain. The former Auto-Tune king caught feelings behind Jay-Z’s hit song, “D.O.A.”—so much so, he decided to diss Jay while doing a little poolside gig in Vegas. But Fabolous was in the crowd and blew up his spot via Twitter.

After some soul-searching, T-Pain came to the conclusion that “D.O.A.” probably wasn’t about him after all. Instead of a simple Hallmark card, T-Pain kicked it up a notch by recording a freestyle called “More Careful.”

Complex says: Though Ray’s already apologized to his embarrassed fans, it wouldn’t hurt if he followed in T-Pain’s footsteps and wrote a little ode to Fab. We wouldn’t even be mad if he performed it in Floyd Mayweather’s living room.