Album: Axis: Bold As Love

Complex says: Like all the gods of creation, Hendrix knew the destruction of the earth could be likened to the most heartbreaking break-up known to man. The lyrics give you the seven stages of grief the way Apollo or Oshun might romanticize them. Musically we find another ornate example of Hendrix chordal technique and imagination, and further proof that you can’t divide his rhythm guitar from his solos—the flow between them is inimitable and ineluctable.

Still the solo that leaps out of the triads on “Axis” is Coltrane-worthy, sailing across the heavens in sheer transcendence of this bitter earth. When Hendrix finally achieves escape velocity after the flanged drum break and then goes soaring down a black hole, you'll wish you had something stronger than a warm Guiness to swoop your ass on up-up-up and away from here too.