Back on the main stage, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg introduced Erykah Badu as “The Queen and ambassador for hip-hop culture.” Stylish, graceful, and jazzy as ever, Badu kicked things off with “The Healer” from her 2008 album, New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) before unleashing a wail that could be heard all across the island.

“Ya mind if we go back to 1997 A.D.?” she asked the audience before launching into cuts from her debut album. On stage, Badu strutted and bounced along as the band played on. She stood at center-stage with the microphone in front of her, a thermos and an MPC to her side (at times Badu actually banged out a few beats live on her MPC, a la araabMUZIK). She brought a raw level of musicality that most hip-hop acts could scarcely match.

The crowd kept grooving along throughout the entirety of Badu’s set. When looking at the audience you saw something rarely seen at hip-hop shows: Lots of girls smiles. It’s too bad for fans in the back since the jumbo-tron was straight static during her performance. Maybe the frequency Badu was transmitting was too strong for the circuits. Or maybe she was just too damn funky.