Producer: Lex Luger

Album: Rubba Band Business 2

Label: N/A


Juicy J: “I was in my mansion, in Memphis, in my kitchen! In my kitchen! And I was sitting there, smoking out, and I was like, ‘Play that beat,’ and he played that beat! Zip and a double cup. I'm getting high as fuck. And it just came together. I knocked the whole song out in less than ten or fifteen minutes, straight off the head though. I didn't write shit down. Straight off the head, know what I'm saying?”

“I've written down stuff before, and sometime I just come straight off the head. It's just how I'm feeling. I'm smoking weed, sometimes I just go straight off the head. It might take me a minute, but when I lay it, it's gonna be hard. When I lay it down, it's gonna be hard.”