#22. DMX, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood (1998)

Label: Ruff Ryders/Def Jam

Game: “That’s when DMX was the man. Drag-On was sick and X had already put out It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, which was crazy. Back then everybody had their turn and they killed it during that time-slot.

“DMX put out two albums that went fucking crazy-dumb platinum in one year. Not many people can do that. I think Ja Rule did it. At that time, those were two of my favorite rappers.

“I used to think Ja Rule was incredible. His voice and the shit that he was talking about was real. DMX was the same way. My favorite all time DMX joint is ‘Slippin.’ It makes me feel the same way as when I hear ‘Keep Your Head Up.’ He rapped with so much pain and conviction.”