Lil Wayne Sued By Former Manager For Unpaid Commissions

Date: April 2006

What happened? Wayne’s former manager Melissa Philipian—who was fired in 2005 after booking the rapper an unsatisfactory hotel room—filed a lawsuit claiming she was still owed commissions. In addition, she claimed Wayne contractually owed her company, White Tides Entertainment, 15% of his earnings over the next two years. Philipian pursued damages north of $1 million in total, and ended up getting $375,000 when the case was eventually settled out of court.

Complex says: The key here is location and presentation. It’s a pretty trying task to get Wayne to hand over $1 million while you’re in formal-wear at a courthouse. Replace the formal-wear with a g-string, replace the courthouse with King Of Diamonds, and who might just appear in your waistband.