Twitter: @eXquomaniaRules

From: Brooklyn, NY

Pros: He raps like he’s from 1995

Cons: He raps like he’s from 1995

Odds of blowing up: 8:1

Complex says: Don’t get Brooklyn’s Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire confused as just another grimey New York rapper. He might have dropped out at 15, but in his own words “Still a nigga mad smart.” eXquire is foul, brash, and hard as nails, but add that to his intellect and you’ll find that he speaks from the unique perspective of the new breed of gangsta. eXquire ain’t for the squeamish and with songs like “Huzzah” and “Galactus” he’ll definitely convert some doubters into full-blown fanatics. Get familiar.

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