We’re more than half-way though the year but it’s beginning to dawn on us that 2011 might be the year best remembered for the explosion of new acts like Kreayshawn, Odd Future, and Lil B. Established veteran acts have dominated news cycles (cough Watch The Throne cough) but there’s no denying the young guns have proven you can build a strong following off word of mouth, social media, and Youtube.

We’ve always got our eyes and ears open for who’s next up to bring some flavor to the game. After combing the Internet (just like we did with producers) we put together 15 New Rappers To Look Out For (listed in alphabetical order). From impressively strong lyricists to those who know how to make the club rock, the next generation of rappers are eyeing their spots. Find out who will bring the noise.

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Written by Julian Pereira (@Broadway_Jay).