SBTRKT: "He’s had his ear to what’s been going on in UK and London for a while now. He collaborated with Jamie xx from The xx, and I think through that network he must have heard extra stuff of mine because we released stuff on the same label. From that linkage he heard my album and was really into it. I heard back that he went nuts for the record and then he did his own version 'Wildfire' and put it up on his blog. That was the first link. I had never spoken to him before that. But it developed further, and he came to the Toronto show and performed with us, which was amazing.

"I’m not so much star-struck or anything. It's more about seeing people from very different worlds who are feeling something which is quite far away from where they’re at. He doesn’t kind of need to be checking in on what’s going on in the South London scene and the UK. It’s amazing seeing someone who’s bigger looking for new music.

"I saw him talking about his tour on Twitter, so I asked, 'We supporting?' He wrote back, 'The world needs that,' and it's still being retweeted now. Then he messaged me and said, 'Let's try to sort this out.' I said, 'We’re playing in Toronto. If you fancy jumping onstage and playing that track live, let's do it,' and he was very up for it. He’s opened us up to a new audience, in the U.S. especially. The amount of people talking about 'Wildfire' is kind of crazy."