#16. Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes

Released: March 1 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)

Label: Atlantic

Complex says: Making hits seems to be a Swedish pop act's birthright and the fortress of solitude that is Sweden often inspires dark, wintry pop greatness. Add a bit of L.A. swagger and Lykke Li's new album is a bit heavier and oddball than her first, Youth Novels, while keeping with her Swedish pop roots. She still sounds as soft and wispy on her second effort, but her confidence on this record is supreme. Her voice sounds as robust as ever and there's now an element of danger there. A sad, sexy, significantly darker ode to love lost mixes with melodramatic girl pop and creates a significant change in mood. She's older and more reckless and songs like “Get Some” and “I Follow Rivers” prove it. On her last album, at 19, she would have never delved into the depths of lust and isolation that she does on those two records. It's fun to watch (and listen to) Lykke grow up.