#25. Tech N9ne, Anghellic (2001)

Favorite song: N/A

Tech N9ne: “A lot of my fans would agree. I’ve been seeing on a lot of hip-hop sites lately, they’re saying it’s one of the most slept on hip-hop albums ever. I didn’t know that the hip-hop community felt like that because Anghellic came out in 2001, so the five years before that, it was all that time put into one album.

“All that anger, sadness, and madness and all the partying, drugs, and everything was in one album. The album is broke up in three parts: Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Roger Troutman’s on there. I got to do a song with Roger Troutman, one of the motherfuckers I grew up listening to. Fucking beautiful album, man. [I think it’s an underrated record] and I ain’t the only one who thinks that.”