Slaughterhouse “Onslaught” (2009)

Producer: Red Spyda

Album: N/A

Label: N/A

Royce Da 5’9”: “By that time, we were having meetings about being a group. We had to coordinate a time when we were all going to be in New York at the same time. I flew out there and we all met at Joey’s house. Then we went to my man Red Spyda’s crib in Jersey and just knocked that joint out.

“It seems like we connect a little bit better [because we were all in the studio together], but one good thing about us is we’re pretty good with emailing and still being on the same page because we’ve been around each other so much in the studio.

“We kinda know how each other works. It’s funnier to work together in the studio rather than emailing, but other than that we still make the songs come out like they supposed to come out even when they’re emailed. Creatively, it’s not that different of a process.

“[When Slaughterhouse is in the studio] it’s a whole lot of jokes. Me, Crooked, and Joell all having some drinks. Normally it’s Joey and Joell cracking jokes on each other. When we’re writing it’s really quiet, the beat is up loud. A lot of times, someone might want to stab a different beat than someone else is writing on. Normally we’ll have two rooms going at the same time. It’s like an assembly line and the booth is like a revolving door. By the time somebody’s done laying vocals somebody else is ready to go right after them. And everybody’s laughing off each other’s verse.”