Royce Da 5’9” f/ Crooked I “Gun Harmonizing” (2009)

Producer: Emile

Album: The Revival EP

Label: M.I.C. Records

Royce Da 5’9”: “My man Emile gave me a beat CD and that beat was one of them. It stuck out to me. I remember being in my brother’s house playing the beat on the radio and I just start thinking of this shit with the gun noises, ‘Brah Brah Brah.’

“I was walking around the house making these noises to the beat and I remember thinking that I could actually make it into a hook. Who’s to say that I can’t? I know it’s not your ordinary shit, but I can do whatever the fuck I want to do. I didn’t want every hook to be the same. I wanted to make them real random. It was just an idea. I have a lot of ideas and I lay them down, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t.

“I had an idea to put a choir on the hook up under the gun noises. I started listening to it as I started assembling the choir noises and I got too used to it without a choir. I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to leave it raw like that.’

“[The time I pulled a bazooka out on the Internet] that was about Benzino. I wasn’t beefing with him. Man, ‘beefing,’ that’s a word right there. A lot of the things I’ve been through since I’ve been in the public eye, most of them were ‘beef.’ Beef is what I was going through at the Death Is Certain time. No real nigga out here looks to get into that. Nobody looks forward to living their life like that.

“When people have words on record and somebody says something about somebody in an interview, that’s not enough for me to want to kill you. It’s not beef. It’s a disagreement, maybe. Or you don’t see eye to eye. But I was never beefing with Benzino.

“He said a few things that I didn’t like, I said some things that he didn’t like. That was pretty much it. He pulled out a gun on the Internet. I decided to pull out a bazooka on the Internet. It wasn’t ‘beef’ though. Yeah, it was a real [bazooka]. Where did I get it? I mean, are you really going to put this in the magazine?”