Nas f/ Jadakiss & Ludacris “Made You Look (Remix)” (2003)

Produced by: Salaam Remi

Jadakiss: “My man Lenny from Columbia called me, and Steve Stoute [from Sony]. Matter of fact, I had went down to the video of the original in Manhattan somewhere, and they were like, ‘We’re gonna call you for the remix.’ And then they really called me. I knocked that out. I remember making that verse in my bathroom mirror. I put the beat on a few times and got the verse. I remember them telling me, ‘Twenty bars.’ That was peculiar that the verse is twenty bars. That’s like a funny number for me. I thought it was kind of a set-up, like they were trying to get two [verses out of it]. But hey, it was cool for me. That turned out to be a historic twenty bars!

“[‘Top five, dead or alive’], that’s how I always feel. My five is the same five [as it was back then]. My five don’t really switch. When you ask somebody that, it should really be more than five, but that’s a whole other reality show. My five is B.I.G., Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Styles P, not in any order. I’m good with that five.

”I remember we performed that at Webster Hall. We made a video. [Nas and Ludacris], those are both my homies. The industry is all off relationships, because everybody got a couple dollars. It ain’t about really money unless it’s endorsements or big deals like that. As far as verses and coming out at shows, that’s all about how cool you are and your relationship with the other artist. And [Nas] just called me to be [at the show], and I came through. It’s as simple as that.”