Charles Hamilton “Stay On Your Level” (2008)

Album: Death Of The Mixtape Rapper

Label: N/A

Pete Rock: “I didn’t really work with him. I think he got one of my beats somehow and just made a song out of it. I met him before, but I never really worked with him like that. We never had any physical type of dealing whatsoever.

"He probably just heard the beat, snatched it, and didn’t know I did it until somebody said something. It didn’t come out on an album or nothing like that, so it’s all good. I never heard it. I know what beat it is, but I never heard him on it. I gotta check it out.

“I limit emailing beats because people do steal shit and don’t want to pay. I had a situation like that. I’d rather not say the person’s name, but they’re a huge artist and they used my beat. They knew they used my beat, but they didn’t want to pay me. They tried to act like they didn’t know it was my beat.

"But the manager begged me to send them beats for the artist, and I did, and when I heard the beat on the album I flipped out. I was like, ‘Wow.’ So I quickly got on the job, got my lawyers involved and everything, and got my money and my publishing.”