Ghostface Killah f/ Raekwon “R.A.G.U.” (2006)

Album: FishScale

Label: Def Jam

Pete Rock: “‘R.A.G.U.’ was [a beat I made] that I would have loved to have heard him and Raekwon on. I just threw the idea out there, and they made it happen. [When I make beats for them, I need that] griminess, guttery, New York swag with "the corner bodega with the cats outside shooting dice, playing basketball, in the park drinking brew with your homies" type of shit. I have every Wu-Tang record you could ever imagine, even unreleased ones. I got all the albums, and all their solo albums. I like Ghost’s album, Raekwon’s album, Meth’s albums, ODB’s album, GZA’s album, when RZA was Bobby Digital, all that. I was Wu’d out for a minute.”