InI f/ Pete Rock “Fakin’ Jax” (1996)

Album: "Fakin’ Jax" Single

Label: Elektra

Pete Rock: “The whole InI album was created in my basement. My younger brother [Grap Luva] was in the group, and he brought these other two members into the group, Rob-O and Rassan. I always liked the way Rob-O rapped. We got them a deal on Elektra before the President of Elektra records, Bob Krasnow, left. Before Sylvia Rhone came into the picture.

“He was the one who set me up with the deal and actually liked InI. He put us in the studio to finish the album, and do a video [for ‘Fakin Jax’], and so forth. But when Sylvia Rhone came into the picture, we didn’t see eye to eye on the project. She didn’t understand where we were coming from with that.”