Sean Price “Let Me Tell You” (2010)

Produced by: Beat Butch

Sean Price: “‘Let Me Tell You’ is on Mic Tyson. People were like, ‘What’s up with Mic Tyson?’ So I had to let them hear something and I let that go. It’s made by my man Beat Butch, he’s from London. That beat was crazy. Like, fuck it, I was high and the beat was crazy. I just went in. I wrote the rhyme quick. I laid it down even quicker.

“That day I did three songs. I got a song on Mic Tyson called ‘The Hardest Nigga Out, No Bruno.’ [Laughs.] And I did another song called ‘Smooth P.’ I did all three of those in one session. On Mic Tyson, I got all kinds of shit on there, but it’s all hard body fuck everybody music. I’m fucking you up music. Ain’t no sucker shit on there.

“I’m taking my time with the album. It’s not like I’m taking my time with it and y’all are not hearing nothing. I’m dropping a lot of shit and staying relevant. It’s not like it’s a four-year disappearing act. I’m dropping mixtapes, features, videos, so you’ll get it when I fucking feel like dropping it. [Laughs.]

“Now that Random Axe is done I’m about to take a trip down South and fuck with 9th Wonder and them for like a week. Then I’m gonna take a trip out West to Cali to fuck with Alchemist and then I’m gonna wrap the album up. Alchemist already did like six joints. I got about like 16 songs done, but I wanna do like another ten and then wrap it up.

“This time I think people know I get busy. I just want to say some shocking shit. I just wanna fuck the game up for good or bad. Like, you don’t know what you’re getting with a Mike Tyson fight. Is he gonna be straight? Is he gonna knock somebody out? Is he gonna bite somebody? I don’t know, but it’s still exciting. Even his losses are exciting. So this might be an exciting loss. Let’s wait and see.”