Destiny’s Child “Is She The Reason” (2004)

9th Wonder: “Jay called me in May of 2004. I was home cleaning up, and Jay called me on the phone! He called me! I mean Jay just don’t be calling motherfuckers. He was like, ‘Yo, man, I want you to send that beat CD you gave me to Destiny’s Child.’

”Now at the time, I hadn’t bought one Destiny’s Child record in my life. Everybody else was a big Beyonce fan, but this girl LeToya was who stood out to me. And she wasn’t in the group anymore. So once again, it wasn’t something I expected.

”I sent out the beat CD that day, then Teresa LaBarbera from Jive called me, and Angie, who’s Beyonce’s cousin called me. My second daughter was born on June 7, 2004. On June 28, I was in L.A. for three days with Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle.

“I cut three records with them, while I was out there. I had the beat for ‘Is She The Reason,’ but for ‘Girl” and ‘Game Over,’ I actually brought samples in, and made them when I was at the session. ‘Is She The Reason’ is one of my favorite records that I ever did. I just made that beat at home.

”I just flipped a Melba Moore sample, and I didn’t know it was going to be an R&B joint. I had no idea. I played that record, and Beyonce said, ‘I like your beats, but your beats need bridges in them because this is R&B. I want our music to sound like The Emotions, the group from the ‘70s.’ So I was like, ‘Word up!’

”So I tried to figure out a way to make them sound like The Emotions, but keep it up to date. Now one of my favorite R&B groups is SWV, so I was like, ‘Why don’t I try to SWV these girls.’ That’s what ‘Is She The Reason’ is. Actually, same thing goes for ‘Girl,’ and ‘Game Over.’ Because that’s the style of sound I really loved.

“That was one of the best sessions I ever have been in, man. The girls were real cool, real laid-back, and hilarious, and they’re God-fearing girls. Beyonce would sing all night long. We’d be in that joint sleeping. Sean Garrett wrote those songs, and made it real special. And the records we cut are the records we kept.”

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