Mary J. Blige "Good Woman Down" (2005)

9th Wonder: "Remember when Jay-Z was on tour with R. Kelly, and R. Kelly got kicked off the tour, and Mary J. Blige got added? Jay-Z told Mary J. Blige about me. End of story. That's how I got with Mary.

"Right after Jay told Mary about me, Geffen Records called me, and I sent Mary about thirty something beats. 'Good Woman Down' was the joint that she picked. It’s a Meli'sa Morgan sample. I used a song called 'Heart Breaking Decision.' I'm able to make R&B records because of my soul music background. And that's the R&B we love.

"We didn't get to record that track together. But Sean Garrett actually wrote that song. Including the Destiny's Child records, we have four tracks together."