Ludacris f/ Spike Lee "Do The Right Thing" (2008)

9th Wonder: "At the time there was a kid on DTP called Small World. And he was with DTP, but then he went solo. Ludacris liked the records that me and Small World did, and that's how they got a hold of me.

”It so happened that I was going to be in Toronto to DJ a party in March of 2007, and they were like, ‘Word, Ludacris is going to be up there.’ He was up there shooting Max Payne. I went to Toronto and there was ten feet of snow on the ground and we recorded 'Do The Right Thing' together in Canada. The sample was beefed up by E.Jones too because E.Jones played keys over it to make it sound big. I made that beat in 2004 and Luda just picked it.

"Luda's a great dude. He's a very smart dude. Some people, when they get to a certain level they lose themselves, and I think Chris Bridges is not one of them. He's funny. We were laughing at Youtube videos, man. It was a Youtube clip of a Jodeci concert, and one of the dudes from Jodeci passed out. What made it funny was not that he passed out, but that K-Ci kept singing after he passed out. He was like, ‘My partner just passed out on stage and I’m still going to sing my song.’ That’s what was crazy to us. It was funny.

"That record also has Spike Lee talking on it. Ludacris hooked that up. The concept of the video was supposed to have us reenact Do The Right Thing. We wanted Spike Lee to direct the video, but I haven't met Spike to this day."

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