Murs "Breakthrough" (2008)

9th Wonder: “That was a record when Murs was on Warner Music Group. We just felt very restricted. I know I did. It was okay. When we talk about Murs and 9th Wonder albums, we don’t really talk about those records. We just don’t.

“It wasn’t a distribution situation, but we were really, really on Warner. That’s when we got, ‘Everybody got to listen to the songs. Sit around a table.’ Man, we ain’t got time for that shit. I wasn't at those meetings, but they'd be like, ‘Check this out,’ and ‘What about this record?’ and ‘Oh, and this...’ We ain’t got time for that, man.

"Out of the three records I cut off that album, 'Breakthrough' is the most memorable. I just like that beat a lot. That beat was real. It’s just the feeling of it. I made it on the MPC. I flipped a Main Ingredient record. [Plays ‘Breakthrough.’] You know what? That’s kind of a record that I think Kanye [West] would rap on.”