Last week, when Game dropped his latest track, "She Wanna Have My Baby," we couldn't help but notice the way he kicked the song off: "Everybody fucking Amber Rose/Is the pussy good? Only Kanye camera knows." True, Game loves to namedrop anyone associated with rapping in his rhymes, but when it comes to Amber Rose, he's not the only one.

We first got to know the former stripper from Philadelphia in 2009 after rumors spread that she was dating Kanye West. After those rumors were confirmed, Amber slowly became a celebrity unto herself, appearing in numerous magazines (including a classic Complex spread) and lighting up gossip blogs. Many may have thought her 15 minutes were up when she broke up with Yeezy last year, but then she started dating Wiz Khalifa—who recently tattooed her name on his hand.

She may be a kept woman, but that doesn't mean rappers have stopped namedropping her. So here's 10 Amber Rose Lyrical References.

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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