Now we all know that if you're looking for the quickest way to jinx your relationship with your significant other, you tattoo their name on your body. And that's what Wiz Khalifa did (sorta). The Taylor Gang leader confessed his love to Amber Rose in a recent interview with Angie Martinez where he said, "It’s pretty serious. I really, really dig her." Wiz added, "I’ma be with her. That’s why we wanted to give it to the world. But it’s realistic. It’s nothing that we’re just beefing up or just doing for anybody’s eyes. It’s real. She’s a great girl. I really, really am into her."

Which leads us to his brand new "Amb" tattoo. We're not sure why he didn't completely spell out "Amber Rose," but maybe there just wasn't enough room. Hey, it could've been worse.

Randall Tyree


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