Story of The Week: We Found earl sweatshirt
Ever since Odd Future took the Internet by storm, critics and fans alike have wondered about the whereabouts of one of the crew's most talented members, Earl Sweatshirt. This week, after doing some extensive investigative reporting, Complex was able to confirm that Earl was sent to the Coral Reef Academy in Samoa by his mother and we even found the pictures to prove it. Read the full story here and #FREEEARL.

Song of The Week: sade f/ jay-z "the Moon and The Stars (Remix)"

So what if (according to Just Blaze) this song is two years old? Rappers have been trying to get down with Sade for the longest, so we're just glad that someone finally got to make a song with the beautiful Ms. Adu. You can catch the track on her upcoming compilation album, The Ultimate Collection. But for now, peep the song below.

Listen: Sade f/ Jay-Z "The Moon and The Sky (Remix)"

Video of The Week: this white girl murdered busta rhymes' "look At me now" verse

There's plenty of terrible Youtube videos of fans doing impersonations of their favorite rapper, but there are always some inspired ones. This one falls in the later category. Sure, it's not as outrageous as some of the Nicki Minaj impersonations we once found, but it's dope nonetheless. Props to Amy of Karmin for doing a spot-on performance of Busta Rhyme's breathless flow and Nick for holding the keyboard down. Peep their website here and follow Karmin on Twitter.

Win of The Week / Fail of The Week


It's been rumored for a minute now, but this week Freddie Gibbs confirmed on stage that he has signed to Young Jeezy's Corporate Thugz Entertainment label. We've been getting down with the outspoken Gangsta Gibbs and his music for a while now, so we definitely consider his new deal a win. Meanwhile, former 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons took the L of a lifetime by taking a job as a stripper at Chippendales. Damn son, we know times is hard on the boulevard, but if money is that much of an issue can't Nick Lachey break you off with a loan?

Tweet of The Week: Tyler, the creator tweets "fuck complex" again
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Quote of The Week: ghostface killah lists all the new rappers he's feeling
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Really, nobody.

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Pic of The Week: Drake, 40, and Pharrell in the studio

drake pharrell

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Number of The Week: how much money is u2's 360 tour expected to make?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, U2's "360" Tour has become the most successful tour in the history of the world. It's already surpassed the Rolling Stones' "Bigger Bang" tour—which grossed $554 million and previously held the record. But here's the thing, U2 still has another 26 shows to play. And according to Live Nation, when it's all said and done, U2 will have made over $700,000,000 off ticket sales. Geez, they should just make Bono the head of the World Bank already.