The Time Capone (Allegedly) Snitched On Havoc’s Brother, Killer Black

Havoc thought he found out who was snitching on his brother Killer. At the trial at Queens Criminal Court, the whole crew sat in the middle of the courtroom waiting to see who the DA’s star witness was going to be. We couldn’t believe it when he came walking up to the stand. It was Capone! Was Capone the fucking snitch?

Capone got up there and said he saw Killer pull the trigger and shoot the man in the back of the head. He pointed at Killer. “I saw him do it,” he said. “He shot the man.” He was on the stand snitching like it was cool! Later I heard he was trying to lower a sentence for a case he’d caught for a direct sale to an undercover. Wow.

The false testimony Capone gave wound up backfiring. The autopsy report said that the man was shot in the front of the head, not the back. Killer beat the case. After that, Capone tried telling people that he did that on purpose to help Killer beat the case. What!?!? I don’t know for sure— Maybe he did know what he was doing, maybe his testimony did help. But from then on, instead of Capone and Noreaga, the whole hood called them Canary and Nore Faker.

While Killer was locked up, he became a full-fledged Muslim. When he came home, it took awhile to get used to. This wild-ass nigga is a peace-loving Muslim now? I liked the new Killer, though; we’d have deep conversations about life. I started reading books by Dr. York, a spiritual leader from Bushwick, Brooklyn, who taught about the origin of all races and religions. If you listen to the Hell on Earth album, you can hear how my rhymes started changing at that time. I started rapping about the Illuminati, secret societies, and the corrupt government and becoming more conscious of my surroundings, going through a mental and spiritual change just like Killer. That seed that my moms planted in my head with Malcolm X’s autobio was starting to grow…