Buckwild: “Ez Elpee met Mic at CMJ and at the time Mic Geronimo had good success with ‘Shit’s Real’ and Blunt gave him an album deal. This is right after he got his budget. I remember giving him a beat tape and everybody was hating on the ‘Masta I.C.’ beat like, ‘Yo, you want to rock to that?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I’m telling you, man, this record’s going to be crazy.’

“It was crazy because ‘Masta I.C.’ took like ten sessions all because he came with the entire Wasteland. All of them were cool. That’s when I first met Royal Flush. He had the idea for the chorus. We had a skeleton for the record but it was just too many people around.

"I told Mic by the third session, ‘Yo, leave everybody home and come by yourself.’ So the next day he came, brought half the entourage. I was like, ‘Look ya’ll, let Mic do his thing. When he’s doing the chorus, everybody could be here.’ By the time we got to the chorus, we just had Flush and Mic because it didn’t work with everybody in there.

“After that, I had to come back and put all the scratches and layers on the song, which is crazy because Blackstreet sampled the song for ‘This Is How We Roll’ and didn’t clear it. It’s funny because Tone from Trackmasters was asking what it was, and I was like, ‘Why don’t you just let me produce the song with you?’ Rather than doing that, Blunt went after them and got a huge lawsuit and got a huge chunk of money off a record that sold like seven or eight million copies, while Mic Geronimo sold 100,000. [Laughs.]"