Buckwild: “I met G Rap through Finesse. That was the first time I went away to Bearsville, [New York]. G Rap recorded the whole album up there. I actually gave Nas the idea to go to Bearsville when he did his second album, It Was Written. But backtracking to G, he’s one of the greatest and he’s a legend.

“Working with him was like working with Pun, except with no Pro Tools. You have to double track and coach him through the vocals. He knows what he wants to say but sometimes you just have to guide him. The sessions were long, and they were grueling, but in the end, the vision that he wanted came out to be dope records.

“Of course, I was feeling like, ‘Damn, I came into the game listening to G Rap, now I’m in the studio working with him.’ And me missing being on Illmatic, it was dope now that Nas was on my record. The label wanted something for the radio, so I came up with a record, and I said, ‘Fuck it, it doesn’t sound too bad. Let me give it to them.’

“They came up with the idea, and we were working with it. It was the first time I worked with Nas. He was real professional. He wasn’t the cocky dude a lot of people thought he was at the time. He was humble and he let the producer do his job. You tell him, ‘Oh, I think you should say it like this instead of like that,’ and he’ll listen. That session went real smooth.”