Buckwild: “I first got down with D.I.T.C. through Lord Finesse. I was doing mixtapes and Finesse would come to my crib and do his tapes. I thought that was funny because I was a DJ who played his records. And for him to do mixtapes at my crib was kind of bugged out. And after that DJ Mike Smooth couldn’t go on tour with him, so I would do shows with Finesse here and there.

“From then on I met O.C., Organized Konfusion, and Tone from Trackmasters. I knew Biz Markie already, and met Benzino and them from The Source. This was in 1992. I always tell people Finesse opened the door for everything for me. If I didn’t met Finesse I wonder, ‘Where would I be right now?’ Finesse introduced me to Show, to Diamond D, and after that everything became a natural progression.

“So by the time that record came out, the crew was facing a lot of controversy with Tommy Boy for that. I can’t front even for the sessions. I was like, ‘Aight, whatever ya’ll need me for, I’m there.’ And Show was overseeing the project, but I don’t think him and Tommy Boy were seeing things eye to eye. Basically, I think Tommy Boy just fucked everything up. It matters, but we were just like, ‘Man, fuck it. What’s lost is lost.’

“We actually did that record in D&D. I love working with O.C. because I think we have a special chemistry. Even when we had records that didn’t make the album, I thought O.C. was a special MC, who should have blown. During that time when we did ‘Time’s Up,’ Puffy even approached him for management. [Laughs.]”