Buckwild: “I’m not going to front, I gave that one out for free. I remember that was right after he got released from Def Jam. I always thought Mega was dope. When Foxy was doing her first album, we got to do a record that wasn’t released because the contents were allegedly shots at Nas.

"So I just remember one day waking up at nine a.m., Chris Lighty and Tone from Trackmasters were on the phone going, ‘Yo, if you got any tapes of this record, destroy it. We don’t need this getting out.’ From then, I bonded with Mega.

“When it came time, Mega was like, ‘Yo, I’m trying to do an indie album.’ I told him to come through my crib, and I threw him some beats. That’s how ‘A Thin Line’ came about. To me, he’s one of the dudes who birthed the independent market in New York.

"Freddie Foxx and Cormega. Nobody was selling 100,000 records independently before 50 Cent. Mega’s a true person. Anybody who rocked with Mega, you got to love him to death. Him and Nas were friends before anybody in the industry came along. So aside from Nas, I never heard anybody saying anything negative about Mega.”