Today is the five-year anniversary of the release of T.I.'s King. The album was Tip's crowing achievement as it marked the moment that T.I. became a bonafide superstar and the undeniable King of The South. Add that to the fact that he also played the leading role in a popular film that debuted the same week as King—the Chris Robinson-directed ATL—and you'll get a sense of just how hot dude was at the time.

Unfortunately, as the next few years unfolded T.I. was plagued wtih misfortune and started falling into a disturbing pattern of self-sabotage that many had hoped he had left behind. Despite the setbacks, he also showed an impressive amount of resilience as he crawled back to the top.

But then he went and screwed it up all over again after violating his parole last year by being caught with ecstasy. As Tip presently sits in a jail cell, we can't help but wonder if the Rubberband Man can bounce back and stage yet another comeback. To put it all in perspective, we put together this infographic charting Tip's career the past five years and wondered if the King of The South will ever return to the throne.

Image by Amy Chen.

ti arrested again