No matter what Snoop Dogg does for the rest of his life, he'll always be a hip-hop legend. Tha Doggfather has dropped classic albums, singles, and videos. He is still one of hip-hop's greatest personalities and one of the biggest rap stars in the world. For all those reasons, and many more, we'll always love Snoop.

But that doesn't mean we can excuse the way he has shamelessly promoted just about any product that has come his way over the years. Don't get us wrong, Snoop has a few classic rap commericals (like this one, for a German company we never heard of) but then there are... some of the other ones. You know, those cringe-worthy moments where he raps about a product and it's obvious he's on auto-pilot, waiting to grab the next check, and smoke the next blunt. With his new album Doggumentary in stores this week, we decided to look back at some of Snoop's terrible ad songs with Ad Skills: Snoop Dogg's 5 Worst Jingles.

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