Produced by: RZA

Raekwon: “I wrote that song right there for all my niggas that was locked up. I happened to just be thinking about it. I think one of my mans had just went away for a long time. I wanted to have something on the album to represent the niggas that’s inside the belly of the beast. You got a lot of cats also that wear that scar on their face. So I definitely just wanted to shout out all the criminals on that record right there. All the ones that’s incarcerated, they scarfaces, too. Plus, whoever walking around with a buck fifty or three hundred on their face, this record’s for you. When you think ain’t nobody paying attention to you, Chef thought about you.

“I just was rhyming man. I came in RZA’s basement one night and he just had that shit poppin’, and I looked around the room and nobody was there. I was like, ‘I want this shit! This is me!’ I wrote my rhyme in maybe like fifteen minutes. The whole three verses. I was just flying. It was just coming to me ‘cause that’s how I get it in sometimes. If something really yokes me up like this, the beat just go, then I’m ready to get on it. I just aired that shit out in like fifteen minutes. Before you know it the song was popping, hook on it, everything. We like, ‘That’s Cuban Linx.’

“It pops in the club. That’s definitely a lot of people’s favorite record. Especially when I go to Connecticut. I call it the Connecticut anthem. It’s like I just put a whole [state] in my pocket when I did that. I feel like if I’m anywhere in the world, especially Connecticut, if I’m fucked up, somebody gonna hold me down just based on that record.”