Produced by: Fabian Hamilton

Pusha T: “That’s an amazing beat. See, that’s the kind of fan I am of B.I.G. And I felt like it was a great way to showcase Sandman too. I saw a lot of great things in Sandman that reminded me of things I liked in B.I.G. I was like, ‘Dog, you need to do the hook. You need to really harness everything out of that.’ I just felt it was something he could really hone in on and do his thing. I was always about the gang and everyone getting their shine.

“People knew Clipse but people weren’t necessarily as abreast to Sand and Liva like that. You know, if you’re a real rap fan then of course you did. If you like Sand and you like his flow, okay cool. If you like this hook then it was something that he could really just sorta get his off on that even more. So that’s basically that’s what I was aiming for. When I heard it, that was one of his alley-oops in my opinion.”