Produced by: The Neptunes

Pusha T:Hell Hath No Fury was actually a Jay-Z album, Pharrell had originally made all those records for Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come. I got wind of all these records and for whatever reason the deal wasn’t solidified. And I hit Pharrell like, ‘How the fuck you give these beats to this man and my album ain’t fucking done? This is my fucking album right here! What the fuck is wrong with you?’ Then whatever was going down and whatever red tape happens during albums, Jay-Z picks other beats. And we ended up getting it back.

“There was quite a few of [those beats meant for Jay]. It was like, ‘Momma I’m So Sorry,’ ‘Riding Around Shining,’ ‘We Got It For Cheap,’ ‘Chinese New Year.’ An amazing portion of the album were Jay-Z beats. If you recall ‘Wamp Wamp’ and the controversy over that, remember that? The controversy over that was at the same time that Jay was coming back, he was also bringing Foxy Brown back and that was supposedly her record. That he gave her that record and we were like, ‘What the fuck? No man. We’re keeping that record.’ And we ended up getting that record and couple of others and that’s it. That’s how the album came out.

“There was a lot of turmoil between the label and The Neptunes, as well as turmoil [with us and the label]. So we all came to the conclusion that we weren’t gonna sell wild units. We sort of knew that. We knew what they were going to put into it, but at the same time we were like, ‘You know what? Let’s just make what we’re gonna make and call it a day.’ So, ‘Mr. Me Too’ was the single because we felt that was an unorthodox type of single. We refused to go any type of mainstream way with it because we knew that it wasn’t gonna do [big numbers]. So we just wanted to give fans super-hard, unorthodox, and weird [music].

“I mean, come on, you can’t say ‘The crackers aren’t playing fair at Jive’ and expect them to be in full support of you. If you ask me, a great marketing team would have have embraced it and really harped on what was going on, but instead people decided to shy away from it. And I’m like, ‘I thought this was a business?’ Because if this was really a business then how come people are being so emotional and getting egos involved? I was told to not be emotional about my thing. So whatever, that was that.”