From Twitter retaliation over "My God" bars, to Pusha T clearing the air over Consequence's claim of stealing "intellectual property," he speaks to Karmaloop about the track titled "Last Supper" he was supposed to have Pusha on, that never happened. The lyric in question is:

"It's the last supper for you niggas, just the picture we painted"


"Cudi got the kids, Cons got the streets/'Ye got the globe, so we all gon eat/it's the last supper for you motherfuckers/I don't make a promise I can't keep"

The most interesting part besides saying Pusha has his record on his computer and knowing Pharrell longer than Kanye Westwas him calling G.O.O.D. Music "that team." Either way, he still took the time to promote his new mixtape and say that as bonus, he will put on the "Last Supper" record on his NO DJ version of Movies On Demand 2.

[via Karmaloop]