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Mac Dre never scored a hit outside of the Bay Area in his fifteen-year career, despite being a hero to everyone from the cuttiest of Oakland dopeboys to the stoniest of Truckee whiteboys. Aside from the prominent use of fuck-words on the hook, this song is hardly that hard—it actually sounds wholesome next to so many other tracks on this list. It's almost as if the hook were written that way to prove a point. Andre Hicks swore off radio play in the early '90s with this song—though this track would get spins as "2 Hard 4 the Funky Radio"—and wouldn't see much airplay until after his tragic death in 2004. Bay Area radio stations KMEL and, to a lesser extent, KYLD have found themselves in and out of Bay Area rapper's good graces—and vice versa—at several points, depending on how much local music they played. Both Too $hort and Mistah FAB recorded KMEL diss tracks at different points in their careers. Mac Dre came around on KMEL later in his career, recording an ode to Morning Show host Chuy Gomez on Al Boo Boo, "Chuy."