Lil B: "It's less about me wanting somebody's bitch, 'cause I've never been that kinda guy to see another woman with a guy and go after her. If I see a woman with a guy, I just give it up to him. Like, I don't go, 'Ah damn, I wanna fuck with this bitch and if he was gone I'd fuck her.' I wanna fuck the bitch. I definitely wanna fuck the bitch, but I'm not gonna go behind niggas' backs and do it. Truth be told, I'm not out fucking a lot of bitches. And the funny thing is, I could be. At any time, switches could be flipped and I could go crazy, but right now I'm definitely just keeping it positive and living that life. I mean, when times do come when I need to fuck, I will, but other than that it's straight work. But if someone wants to deliver me their bitch, it's love."