Release date: February 15
Likelihood of release: Highly likely
Producers: Just Blaze, DJ Corbett, Kanye West, Buckwild
Collaborations: Jay-Z, Faith Evans, Q-Tip, FatMan Scoop, Marsha Ambrosios, Joe Budden
What we know: After a million and one false starts, this album is finally happening. Saigon is no longer constrained by a major label and he’s been busy making moves promoting his album with videos and leaks. We know there are still plenty of skeptics out there, but we’re willing to confirm that this album exists because we actually heard it. Just yesterday, Sai dropped the title track from the album leading us to believe that the February 15 date is for real. We’ve been waiting four years to hear this story, so it better be a good one. Meanwhile, Papoose's The Nacirema Dream? No said date.