Pusha T: I'm definitely gonna say myself on “So Appalled.” [Laughs.] Fuck that! Man, that was just poignant shit-talking, man! I mean, the verse was just so many things. It was heartfelt, it was the cleverness, the political shit. It was a lot of different punches in that verse. When I say punches, I don't mean punchlines in the sense of cheap punchlines. It was a lot of different dimensions to that verse. It was filled line for line with Bobby Brown, jaw-dropping shit. [That 'Half a mill in 20s' line], that just comes from me and having a street mentality and trying to let people in on the mentality of a dude that's out here on the street. Ask anybody, any hood, anywhere you go, if you got a half a million dollars in 20 dollar bills and you’re in the middle of the ghetto, you are the richest man. You have a billion dollars in your mind. And, I'm speaking for the person who probably hasn't seen the world. He hasn't seen everything, but he knows what it takes to survive out in the streets. You gotta half a million dollars in 20s, man, you good. Of course, we all know that shit can run out just as quick as anything else, but that's your mindset. That's who I was trying to talk to. If you're rhyming with the likes of a Kanye West and Jay-Z, I'm definitely not on the financial level of either of those two men. I have to rhyme from a perspective that I can relate to and that people can relate to and it can mean just as much. Like, at no point in time can I say, '30 million can't hurt me.' I can't say that so I have to say what's the equivalent to me and I think that resonates to a lot of people.